eSource by triSaaS provides innovative eRFx functionality that gives procurement professionals the ability to easily create and manage online requests for RFIs, RFQs and RFPs. Our simple but sophisticated interface removes hours and hours of work with streamlined processes and instant access to data. Therefore, you are able to analyse complex tender responses in seconds.

With eRFx, say goodbye to email an excel! We do all the work for you by converting supplier data, automating the post tender submission, instantly comparing pricing and evaluating supplier performance. eSourcing is so simple and our customers love the results. For example, most users report double digit savings. All are amazed at how much time they save.

eRFx provides immediate visibility and total transparency to buyers and suppliers. Isn’t it time you give us a tri? We guarantee you’ll think differently about tendering.

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Key Features

Pro Rata Pricing

A true game changer, our system automatically converts supplier data back to a global unit of measure regardless of case size quoted, saving you so much time and frustration.


PROBE is the industry’s first to streamline and automate post-tender submission communications, It seamlessly guides buyers and suppliers through the process of line item verification, clarification, review and confirmation.

Carry Forward Events

View which product lines each supplier is winning or losing on a line by line basis. Compare supplier’s price against best available price. Allow suppliers to offer influencing factors and other incentives during the final stage of the tender process.


Real-time analytics and reports instantly display results. Graphic dashboards highlight supplier performance, and Snapshot lets you allocate rebates and savings.

How eSourcing technology is helping procurement managers do more in less time.

98% of our users surveyed claim results have been overwhelmingly positive. Download the infographic to learn how eSourcing is helping procurement managers do more in less time.

Do you spend too much time analysing supplier data?

Stop spending hours or days sorting through mounds of data. Find out how much faster eSourcing is able to analyse supplier quotations.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together some frequently asked questions to give you more information about using eSource by triSaaS for tendering.  If you have a question that you can’t find the answer to, please use the contact us page.

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Customer Accolade

 "We were pressed for time and our manual process made it difficult to complete the RFP on time. We decided to use eSource by triSaaS and were delighted (and surprised) at how quick it was to analyse the suppliers' bids. After using the software for the first time, we'll never go back to the old way of tendering.”

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