Perform analysis in seconds NOT days with instant access to real-time data

Use our analytics tool to instantly display results. Dashboards simplify complex data by visually presenting key metrics such as supplier performance. These visualisation tools make it quick and easy for you to perform your analysis.

Remove hours or days worth of work collecting, organising and analysing data. Your data will be presented in a format that’s easy to understand. For example, all variable factors including missing inaccurate data are fully rectified before you attempt to compare suppliers. Most importantly,  you’ll be able to make faster, informed decisions. 


Reduce time and errors interpreting data. Supplier responses to questions are automatically scored by a pre-determined scoring matix.


Speed up the tender validation stage, and improve outcomes.


Get accurate data in a matter of seconds. Our system instantly converts raw data from suppliers, saving you a tremendous amount of time.

Price, rebates, impact and analysis

Submission Overview

Get an overview of the entire supplier’s submission at the final stage of the tender process. Manage potential savings by applying rebates to individual products or to the overall basket to ensure savings are protected.

Manage Rebates

Apply supplier’s influencing factors to the overall basket or by product line, and apply to either the contract or tendered spend. The new supplier price will be updated with new projected spend and total cash savings.

Gross, Net or Net Net

View supplier’s pricing either by net or gross to determine variances against current supplier. Quickly identify the product lines  that generate true savings and the ones that cost more.


Snapshot is a unique tool that allows you to apply influencing factors or custom rebates to the total basket or to a line-by-line product to realise the cash impact.


View the products that are driving savings against your current supplier or costing more by value and percentage.


Identify a supplier’s alternative products and the cash impact of these against your current supplier by value and percentage.


Quickly view the products that have not been quoted and the cash impact of these lines.

Stop using inefficient tools to analyse supplier quotes.

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