More choice for buyers. More business for suppliers.

Searching for a new supplier is fast and easy with our new market directory. triMarket allows buyers  to quickly search for thousands of UK suppliers. Search by product category and distribution location.

Now, any buyer can search the market directory to explore and identify new suppliers. Additionally, buyers using triTender can publish a tender and alert registered suppliers who meet their criteria.

Suppliers also have a dynamic platform that they can use to be discovered by buyers and generate new sales opportunities.

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visibility of suppliers' profiles

cost to engage with suppliers

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Why choose triMarket?


Full access to thousands of suppliers that are searchable by category or location


Easily add or remove suppliers from your tender, giving you complete control.


Our self-service capability allows suppliers to register for new opportunities.


Comprehensive directory empowers buyers to improve competition and establish new trading partnerships.

Key Features

Easy Search Functionality

Quickly find new suppliers and access the right information at the click of a button. Filter the suppliers by category and/or location to find exactly what you’re looking for.


Quickly and easily add suppliers with a click of a button. With the click of a button you can approve, suspend, reinstate or remove suppliers from your tender.


Suppliers can register at no cost. Upon registration, you’ll appear on the market directory for all buyers to see and to use at any time.

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Establish new trading partnerships across supply chains

Improve competition and make it easier to secure the best deal

Be confident knowing you’re dealing exclusively with registered members

For suppliers, uncover new opportunities and generate new streams of revenue

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