Stay organised with our fully featured contract management tool and never miss a contract termination

Simplify the way your business manages and protects all contracts with the triSaaS cloud-based contract management tool. This radically simple and easy to use tool enhances your efficiency in contract initiation. This will help you minimise the risk of missing key dates and personnel responsibilities.

This powerful online contract management tool allows you to easily access and manage all contracts in one secure place. It is as simple as uploading your contracts into the system to ensure they are protected and controlled by you and authorised team members.

You’ll receive automatic notifications for key trigger dates such as renewals, rebates, terminations and more.


Unlimited Contracts


Unlimited users

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Automate contract management

Learn how triContracts saves you time managing contracts, reduces risk and liabilities and improves supplier performance.

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Why choose triContracts?

Easily track all communication, activities and financial information including rebates and other supplier incentives relating to each contract.
Access the information and important details you need such as contract values and notice periods.
Stay current with contract versions and a full audit trail of amendments and price reviews.
Assign users to access specific contracts and receive trigger alerts.
Securely store documents related to contract.
Access and review completed events within triTender.

Which contracts are putting you at risk?

Automate contract management and put an end to risky business.

Key Features


Never miss a deadline or contract rollover again. Automatically receive alerts based on a contract’s key dates. Get a complete view of all pending, active and finished contracts.

Secure Storage

Reduce risk and minimise manual efforts by providing authorised users instant access to communications and activities.

Unlimited Access

Control who has access to which contract(s) and information. There are no limits to the number of users and contracts/ documents. Say goodbye to cluttered filling cabinets, and hello to structure and organisation.

Associated Units

Separate multiple units so that nothing gets lost. In addition, you’ll be confident that everything is safe and secure. You can even allocate users specific to their department.

Financial Summary

Store and manage all financial information including supplier incentives and rebates. Restrict access to selected team members to meet compliance and security policies.

Contract Management Benefits

Save valuable time by automating the contract management process
Be proactive with auto reminders of key trigger dates
Improve efficiencies with a paperless environment
Reduce labour hours and overall costs

Customer Accolade

“Contract management is a breeze with triContracts. Managers across the organisation have instant access to supplier contracts in a secure and compliant manner. The automated warning system lets us proactively track renewals and make informed decisions before a contract expires.

triContracts is a valuable tool that no company should be without.”

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