Save time, reduce spend and strengthen supplier relationships.

One tool is all you need.

Simplify tendering, negotiate the best terms faster and manage the supply chain more effectively


Traditional tools like spreadsheets and email may get the job done, but they make tendering inefficient and time-consuming. No matter how hard you try to improve supplier pricing and performance, the results are never good enough. 

If you’re in procurement let our eSource software do all the tedious work for you. eSource by triSaaS offers groundbreaking tendering, contract management and SRM solutions purpose-built to make your job easier. Our seamless and easy-to-use eSource software streamlines and automates your existing processes. As a result, teams become more efficient and are able to do more in a fraction of the time. Plus, you’ll not only get the work done quicker, but you’ll be empowered to make informed decisions that deliver added value and better outcomes.


Improve your tender processes and save 13% on average across all categories.

Groundbreaking eRFx and eAuction functionality will forever change how you tender. eSource by triSaaS lets you  instantly analyse complex tenders across multiple suppliers. For example, real-time data including pro rata, weighted baskets, rebates and listing fees is available at the click of a button.

Easy to use tools drive real value by saving time, delivering cost efficiencies and improving processes through the whole tender cycle.


Automatic pro rata pricing saves considerable time and effort


Flexible eAuction options ensure suppliers are given the right amount of visibility to help them provide the very best pricing

First and only tool streamlines and automates post-submission communication between buyer and supplier
Instant access to data and reports improves accuracy and allows you to make informed decisions quickly

Contract Management

Manage all your contracts from one place and never miss a renewal.

Save existing supplier contract information in one place and never misplace a contract again. Our contract management tool sends automatic notifications of key trigger dates such as review, renewal, rebate, etc. In addition, you can easily manage role permissions to decide who gets access and visibility to each contract.
Access and manage contracts in one place
Quickly store key information
Auto reminders of key trigger dates
At-a-glance calendar

Easily plan your annual tenders 


Access a single source to ensure suppliers consistenly meet expectations.

Gain complete visibility over your supply chain by collecting, organising, maintaining and sharing supplier information.

Our SRM tool makes it easy for you to  view and report on all elements of the supplier relationship – from risk to performance. As a result, you can improve strategies for managing your suppliers.

Supplier document repository helps to alleviate risks and ensure suppliers meet expectations
Allow suppliers to instantly access and update their profiles
Keep organised and in control with ability to schedule meetings and assign tasks
Easily access key contact details in seconds

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