Impove supply chain strategies and build stronger partnerships.

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Improve supplier performance and compliance

eSource Wizard offers an impressive SRM solution that allows you to easily manage all your suppliers. Now you can streamline the supplier lifecycle with our online tools that strengthen relationships and improve transperancy.

Our SRM software lets you quickly and efficiently identify weak spots, risks and opportunities in the global supply chain. Teams can easily maintain and share supplier profiles, documentation and tasks. Get complete visibility into your supplier base so that you can proactively mitigate potential risks and reduce costs caused by non-compliance and non-performance.


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eSource Wizard SRM

Quickly identify risks and opportunities in the supply chain.
Improve strategies and methods for managing suppliers.
Streamline processes and improve operational efficiencies.
Analyse performance and address potential issues.
Keep suppliers engaged and establish stronger relationships.
Improve compliance and transperancy with supplier base.

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Key Features

Integrated Communications

Track all email communication to/from suppliers via an integrated communications tracking tool. In addition, you have the ability to schedule meetings, upload meeting notes and assign tasks.

Supplier Profile 

Suppliers can easily update and manage their unique profile including their procurement categories, geographic locations and authorised users.

Supplier Contacts

Your digital rolodex allows you to create multiple contacts for each of your suppliers, allowing you to quickly access  the right person based on their role, department or location.


Access important certifications such as public liability and motor vehicle insurance, and receive alerts when expiries are near.

Supplier Document Repository

Alleviate risks and ensure suppliers meet contract expectations by ensuring all documentation is current. Store all price contracts and renewals in one place so that you can easily access and update them at any time.

Share across the organisation

Upload your entire supply chain into the system and give your organisation complete visibility. Easily access key contact details in seconds so that you can communicate to the right person whenever needed.

Multiple Users

Easily add and  remove users at the touch of a button. The number of users is unlimited.

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Instantly access key supplier details
Share relevant information and keep suppliers on track
Give your organisation complete view into your entire supply chain
Monitor compliance and manage supplier performance

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