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Groundbreaking eRFx automatically publishes your RFx to Find a Tender

Beginning 01 January 2021 a new e-notifcation service called Find a Tender (FTS) must be used to post and view public sector procurement notices. triSaaS is an approved publisher of FTS and Tenders Electronic Daily (TED), the European public procurement journal.

With eSource Wizard, organisations within the public sector can register with one or both of these e-notification services. Not only is our system fully integrated with FTS, but our eSource solution has the ability to automatically manage supplier responses, scoring, documents and awards. Our platform seamlessly streamlines the tendering lifecycle and removes the burden out of your existing manual processes.

In addition to providing world-class tendering capabilities, eSource Wizard offers solutions that simplify the management of all your suppliers and contracts. We are the only eSource provider you need to stay compliant and improve performance.

eSource solutions for the public sector


Automate tender processes to save time, improve visibility and achieve better outcomes. 

Contract management

Easily manage all supplier contracts from one place, get automatic notifications and reduce risk. 


Improve transparency, monitor performance and keep suppliers compliant.


Access thousands of suppliers to improve competition and establish winning partnerships. 

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Automate existing tender processes and save time & costs.

Groundbreaking eRFx and eAuction functionality will forever change how you tender. Our software instantly analyses complex tenders across multiple suppliers in seconds. For example, real-time data including pro rata, weighted baskets, rebates and listing fees is available at the click of a button.

Easy to use tools drive real value by saving time, delivering cost efficiencies and improving processes through the RFx lifecycle.

Publish all procurement notices to OJEU
Automatic pro rata pricing saves time and effort
System ensures suppliers quote the right product(s) and the most competitive pricing
The only tool to automate post-submission communication between buyer and supplier
Instant access to data and reports enables faster decision making

Contract Management

Manage all your contracts from one place and never miss a renewal.

Save existing supplier contract information in one place and never misplace a contract again.

Contract Concierge sends automatic notifications of key trigger dates such as review, renewal, rebate, etc. In addition, you can easily manage role permissions to decide who gets access and visibility to each contract.

Access and manage contracts in one place
Quickly store key information
Auto reminders of key trigger dates
At-a-glance calendar
Easily plan your tender year ahead


Proactively monitor performance and consistenly meet expectations.

Gain complete visibility over your supply chain by collecting, organising, maintaining and sharing information about your supplier.

The eSource Wizard’s SRM software makes it easy for you to  view and report on all elements of the supplier relationship – from risk to potential opportunities. As a result, you can improve strategies for managing your suppliers.

Supplier document repository helps to alleviate risks and ensure suppliers are compliant
Allow suppliers to instantly access and update their profiles
Keep organised and in control with ability to schedule meetings and assign tasks
Easily access key contact details in seconds


Discover new suppliers and form winning partnerships.

This dynamic market directory allows buyers to easily search for over 3,000 UK suppliers by product category and distribution location. In addition, suppliers can register to be discovered by buyers and generate new selling opportunities.

Our Marketplace is the one directory buyers go for more choice. Likewise, it’s the one source for suppliers to find new business.

Improve competition and make it easier to secure the best deal
Save time comparing prices and products from a single source
Be confident knowing you’re dealing exclusively with registered members
Establish new trading partnerships
For suppliers, uncover new opportunities and generate new streams of revenue

How eSourcing technology is helping procurement managers do more in less time.

98% of our users surveyed claim results have been overwhelmingly positive. Download the infographic to learn how eSourcing is helping procurement managers do more in less time.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together some frequently asked questions to give you more information about using eSource Wizard.  If you have a question that you can’t find the answer to, please use the contact us page.

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