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PROBE is the first and only tool that streamlines and automates the post tender submission communications. A two-way interactive portal easily guides buyers and suppliers through the process of line item verification, clarification, review and confirmation.

How PROBE works

When creating an event, you are able to stipulate certain thresholds for each product. PROBE will then require you to accept or reject any product that fails to meet a particular threshold. By flagging these products, eSource Wizard ensures total transparency and complete management control.

PROBE helps eliminate supplier errors typically associated with pro rata or product weightings whilst flagging zero-line bids. Our supplier portal is designed to highlight errors in a clear and concise manner, and encourages suppliers to review products prior to submission.

Designed for your unique needs

Out of Tolerance Products

Specify your target price. Products that fall outside of the target are auto flagged. Accept or reject out of tolerance products with the added functionality of turning them into a focus product.

Alternative Products

View product details such as description, brand and case size against each supplier and identify if it is suitable. Choose to accept or reject a supplier’s alternative offering. A rejected project will automatically convert to a zero line bid.

Focus Products

Highlight products that you need the supplier to focus on for price, quality, etc. Focus products are designed to stimulate price movement as part of either a post event negotiation or a restricted round 2.

Zero Line Bids

Compare bids on a like for like basis knowing that eSource by triSaaS  automatically identifies which products suppliers have not quoted, display % basket spend and key product lines.

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