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Quickly run an RFx with our easy to use eSourcing software and make inefficient procurement tools like spreadsheets and email a thing of the past.


Save time and money.


Customise workflows to best fit your needs.


Instantly invite preferred suppliers.


Analyse RFx submissions and bids in seconds.


Quickly run multiple rounds of negotiations.


Streamline the procurement lifecycle.

Replace email and spreadsheets, achieve faster source-to-contract results and cut costs. As you are more than aware, email chains and complex spreadsheets are inefficient and prone to human error and very time-consuming. Adopt eSource Wizard’s trailblazing functionality to issue an RFx in seconds and analyse the most complicated submissions across multiple suppliers in seconds.

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See why procurement managers use eSource Wizard to run every RFx faster and achieve better outcomes.


average cost savings

faster conducting RFx

suppliers improve competition


faster performing price reviews

Why eRFx?

Ensure buyers adhere to procedures by using customisable templates and scoring mechanisms.

Change the behaviour of suppliers with our eSource platform that significantly improves the quality of their data and pricing.

Manage communications, publication, supplier responses and evaluation more effectively to make better business decisions.

Provide real-time visibility and transparency to all parties involved in the RFx process.

Collaboration & Communication

eSource Wizard enables seamless collaboration and communication between your teams and suppliers. One centralised portal allows users to invite suppliers and respond with the click of a button, instantly analyse data and stay up to date on where things are in the process. No more email threads and sorting through complex spreadsheets or version control. 

The system logs communications and edits in real-time throughout the RFx lifecycle.

Transparency & Control

Our software streamlines your RFx processes and supplier communication by managing all interactions through a groundbreaking platform that improves control and transparency.

eSource Wizard empowers organisations to strengthen processes and protect the interests of the company whilst providing complete visibility for better decision making.

Define your RFx process

Organisations can define their own RFx workflow using our easy to use templates, replacing the need for email supplier communication, Excel attachments, document exchange and manual version control. 

Our software provides users with simple tools to transition from traditional email sourcing and communication to a highly efficient online RFx process that will save you time and money.

Manage the process in one seamless platform

Moving from a PQQ to award has never been easier.

  1. Invite suppliers.
  2. Analyse submissions.
  3. Challenge suppliers.
  4. Select preferred supplier(s).
  5. Publish round 2, 3…
  6. Analyse submissions.
  7. Challenge suppliers.
  8. Best and final submissions.
  9. Award.

Our system guides you through each step and removes all the manual processes, saving time and reducing errors.

Smart data at your fingertips

Real-time analytics and reports instantly display results. Graphic dashboards highlight supplier performance including scoring and bid analysis.

Bid Analysis & Evaluation

Scoring supplier responses is automated to give a unbiased view of vendor submissions. Each vendor score can be independently analysed and compared against the system score.

A true game changer, our system automatically analyses all supplier bids to create a data-rich table of management information that removes the need for Excel spreadsheets.

Document Exchange

Vendors are able to answer PQQs online, download attachments and upload supporting information in our easy to use supplier portal.

Do you spend too much time analysing supplier data?

Stop spending hours or days sorting through mounds of data. Find out how eSource Wizard analyses complex supplier responses in seconds.

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Why choose eSource Wizard?

Review, audit and rank supplier bids in seconds – not days or weeks
Make informed decisions by instantly accessing the right data
Improve operational efficiencies with automated processes
Increase competition with more suppliers to choose from

Public Sector Tenders

eSource Wizard automatically publishes your RFx to Find a Tender (FTS)


Approved publisher & fully integrated with FTS


Easily manage supplier responses, documents and awards


Streamline the tendering lifecycle

“eSource Wizard is easy to use and gave us great savings. The savings speak volumes. It delivers exceptional value to our business. We will be using it for our tenders moving forward and would recommend eSource Wizard to anyone.”

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve put together some frequently asked questions to give you more information about using eSource Wizard.  If you have a question that you can’t find the answer to, please use the contact us page.

10 ways to improve RFQ outcomes

Learn how eSource Wizard automates your existing processes, allowing you to run RFQs faster, negotiate smarter and achieve better outcomes.

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