Are you on top of your contact register?

Do you know exactly which contracts are up for review, renewal or termination tomorrow, next week or next month?

Waste Management
Washroom Services
PAT Testing
Pest Control
Software Licences

These are just a few of the 100s of contracts rolling along unnoticed into the next year,

resulting in increased costs and liabilities that are virtually invisible to organisations. 

If you don’t know the answer, your organisation is legally and financially at risk.

Ineffective contract management

According to Aberdeen,

85% of companies are still using manual processes to manage contracts.

Without a proactive and automated contract management system, your company may be open to serious liability and millions could be left on the table. Additionally, dependencies on individuals can be detrimental if they leave the organisation without sharing important contractual information. 

The fact is, manual contract management processes make it nearly impossible for organisations to effectively monitor contract risks and increases the probability of non-compliance, penalties and lost opportunities.

You need to automate contract management

Contract Concierge is a powerful online contract management solution that allows you to easily access and manage all contracts in one secure place.

Our contract management software eliminates manual processes and centralises your document repository, enabling you to gain greater control and improve process and workflow efficiency.

Simply upload your supplier and client contracts into the system, assign any or all team members to access specific contracts and let Contract Concierge handle the restGet notified automatically whenever you need to take action on a contract renewal, termination or other important milestone.


Proactively monitor and manage agreements to avoid contract breaches
Improve spend visibility and reduce “off-contract” or rogue spending
Reduce legal risk and eliminate unplanned renewals of unwanted services
Analyse supplier/customer relationship before an auto-renewal or termination
Stay compliant and drive continuous improvement

Suppliers and buyers alike find great value in our contract management tool.

”Contract management is a breeze with Contract Concierge. Managers across the organisation have instant access to contracts in a secure and compliant manner. The automated warning system lets us proactively track renewals and make informed decisions before a contract expires.”

 Contract Concierge is all you need to stay on top of your contract register.

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