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Why should I use triTender and not a competitive eRFx solution?

Simply put, we have features and functionality that others just don’t offer.  Our streamlined and automated processes make it easier and faster for you to run more complex tenders than you ever thought possible. It’s really our post tender capabilities like PROBE and Snapshot that sets us apart from any competitive offering. And triTender provides instant access to real-time analytics, giving you visibility to the data you need to make informed decisions in mere seconds.

Will I be able to run auctions?

Yes. triTender’s flexible eAuction functionality offers several auction types to meet your unique needs. Options include: Price Auction, Ranked Auction, Line Item Auction and Mix & Match Auction. This gives you the flexibility to decide which information you want to share with your suppliers – from a simple ranking to how far they are from the winning spot.  – the choice is yours to ensure you achieve the best outcome.

Can I only use my current suppliers with this software?

No. triTender not only allows you to invite your existing suppliers, but you can take advantage of triMarket and search over 3,000 suppliers to choose those that meet your specific criteria such as geography location and product category. It’s your choice – triTender gives you the flexibility to use as many suppliers as you wish.

How do I invite suppliers to my tender?

Inviting a supplier is so easy. All you need is the supplier’s contact information. Just click a button and add that supplier to your new event. The supplier will receive an email notification inviting them to participate in the event.

How will I know if a supplier has started to work on the tender?

As soon as a supplier begins the tender process, the status will be updated on the event dashboard. This allows you to always know if the supplier has registered, started the tender or submitted their response. In addition, triTender has a built-in notification schedule that will automatically send reminders to the suppliers to keep them on track. This added feature removes the worry and stress from your team, enabling them to focus on more pressing work.

What happens if a supplier gives me a different pack size? Do you take care of pro rata?

triTender can flex supplier data to convert all information back to a global unit of measure bid, regardless of pack size quoted. triTender solves this uniquely difficult issue typically associated with bids in the hospitality industry, saving procurement managers so much time and reducing the chance of human error.

What if a supplier does not quote for certain line items?

If a supplier doesn’t quote a specific line, our system will find the reserve price and use that to create a weighted basket. This provides you with a true like-for-like comparison of each supplier’s bid and any potential savings.

What happens if a supplier gives me a listing fee?

This is not a problem. Our system allows for multiple influencing factors such as listing fees, rebates, prebates and marketing fees to name a few. If a supplier offers a listing fee, triTender.will automatically deduct the monetary value from the suppliers quote.

How can I communicate with suppliers during the tender process? Is email the only way?

Forget about the email! The triTender portal allows suppliers to post messages related to a particular event. The system will alert the buyer when a new message has been posted and you can instantly respond to the supplier via the portal. Now you have complete visibility of all suppliers’ communications and an audit trail.

Can I prevent suppliers from quoting their own brands instead of branded products?

Yes. triTender’s price line configuration capability allows you to set business rules for each event. For example, if your event requires a specific branded product, simply disable the alternative product option and the system will not allow suppliers to offer an off-brand product.

What if I want to add rebates to net pricing?

No problem. Snapshot is a unique tool that allows you to easily manage rebates. Simply apply a rebate to either the contract or tendered spend. Once the rebate has been applied, the supplier price will be updated, giving a new projected spend along with total cash savings.

Once a supplier submits its response, how easy is it to view the submission?

PROBE makes it very easy to view a submission. Just click on the submission and you will instantly see everything you need to know. Post tender reviews can be done quickly and easily since all the data is right there. Compare against the current offering and other suppliers, view exceptions and realise which products offer the greatest savings. No other solution can do what PROBE does.

What if I want to award more than one supplier?

That’s not a problem. triTender allows you to award multiple suppliers and the Best Basket feature easily enables you to view which supplier offers the best price.

How much does the system cost?

Contact triSaaS at for pricing and additional details.

How much training is involved?

triTender is intuitive and user friendly. Our support team will provide all the training and ongoing guidance you need. You are our number one priority and we will go above and beyond to ensure you and your team get the most value from our software.

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