Organisations utilise checklists, audits, inspections and other forms to ensure employees perform specific tasks and provide data that is essential to maintain standards and compliance. Food safety checks, maintenance inspections, and incidents reports are just a few of the many forms essential to running any business.

But paper forms have quickly become outdated and inefficient. Paper is bulky and takes up space that many offices may not have. Paperwork must also be completed manually – which can lead to inaccuracies, mistakes and lack of information. Additionally, paper can be lost or damaged, making it nearly impossible to prove your operations is in compliance.

Given the inefficiencies and lack of real-time data typical of manual processes and paper forms, more businesses are moving to digital checks to automate workflows, improve the flow of information and reduce the risk of non-compliance.

What is a digital check?

Digital checks are the same as paper-based forms but are made available electronically to help streamline and automate workflows.

Digital checks enable organisations to easily capture a wide array of information that is not possible with paper forms. Digital checks also ensure employees complete daily checks in a timely and consistent manner without the worry of errors caused by manual entry and lost paperwork.

Benefits of digital checks

Logit provides one integrated digital solution to manage workflows for: Food Safety, Health & Safety, Quality Control, Maintenance and Operations. We offer 100’s of digital templates that remove the inefficiencies associated with paper forms.

Our digital checks ensure tasks are performed by team members consistently and on-time and enables managers to monitor progress in real-time. Auto alerts are sent to the right stakeholders when an issue exists, ensuring the right action is taken for quick resolution.

Moving from paper forms to Logit’s digital checks provide advantages for teams and managers across departments and sites.

Why you need digital checks

Logit offers simple-to-use, smart digital checks for service operations. It’s designed to:

  • Eliminate paperwork and save time
  • Guide teams through their day with repeatable processes
  • Automate escalations and trigger actions for quick resolution
  • Improve efficiencies whilst ensuring high standards are maintained
  • Drive increased productivity and profitability

If you’d like to see how digital checks will improve your business, schedule an online demo with a triSaaS team member.