Everyone in your business has a responsibility to follow the proper procedures and meet your high standards. Compromising on cleanliness, safety or customer service is not an option. However, adopting the proper measures and ensuring consistent adherence for all staff requires a lot of time and dedication.

Audits are performed to catch quality or safety problems and non-compliance. Regular self-audits are a great tool to increase staff awareness as well as spot and resolve issues early. However, in-house audits can be time consuming and add more burden to your busy staff.

Manual processes, paper forms and excel spreadsheets are still widely used to conduct audits. This makes auditing a tedious process: forms get misplace and reports may contain inaccurate data due to manually retrieving past audits and compiling data. Additionally, it’s difficult to know if someone actually took action based on the findings and accountability is not always clear.

Simple, hassle-free audits

Digital audits by Logit simplifies the process and provides a user-friendly experience resulting in time savings and improved outcomes. Our software makes it easy to conduct audits from any hand-held device. Just complete the audit form directly on a phone or tablet, attach photos, add comments and click a button – it’s that simple.

Managers have the ability to define the criteria for each audit with clear validation of pass or fail. Our system auto creates and delegates corrective and preventive actions during the audit process.

Logit also gives you the ability to highlight good practices, document non-compliance and provide supporting evidence with photos and files.

Improve visibility and track performance

Another problem with manual processes and traditional tools is the inability to accurately track and measure performance. Are the audit scores trending up or down? What are the top recurring issues across your teams or locations? It is time consuming to retrieve and analyse past audits from outdated paper forms and spreadsheets. Instead, Logit provides instant access to all the data so that you can proactively drive improvements.

Real-time data and reports enable you to identify trends over time, across sites, or audit types. With just a click of a button, you can quickly track progress and gain actionable insights to address areas that need attention.

Advantages of digital audits

Logit offers an intuitive user interface that makes in-house audits quick and easy.

  • Easily capture all information on any mobile device – no need to move data from paper to emails or spreadsheets.
  • Assign corrective actions to the right team member(s) and track resolution.
  • Receive triggers and setup escalations in case of delays or recurring non-compliance.
  • Keep informed throughout the audit and identify improvement opportunities.
  • Gain unprecedented insights into your operations with interactive dashboards and custom reports.
  • Protect your brand by identifying problems early on and ensuring compliance with company standards and policies.

If you’d like to see why you should be using our digital audits, watch the video.