TRISAAS, a new Scottish-based technology company, is bidding to revolutionise the complex process of tendering with the launch of a new cloud-based platform.

William Gorol, a hotelier turned technology entrepreneur, has invested £650,000 in the Edinburgh-based company and spent two years designing and specifying the platform that enables companies to manage, control and streamline the tendering process, while also widening the opportunities for suppliers.

TriTender is said to automate processes, increase transparency and deliver measurable time and cost efficiencies.

A 30-year veteran of the hospitality industry, Mr Gorol’s first technology venture, Procure Wizard, is for online procurement.

He said that within eight years he had established it as the dominant player in the UK hospitality sector, with over 4,500 suppliers, 40,000 active users and 2,000 hotel and restaurant clients.

He sold the e-procurement platform to the Access Group for an undisclosed sum in January 2018.

Mr Gorol said “TriTender has been designed to create an open and transparent tendering platform ensuring buyers can leverage maximum value from the supply chain and significantly reduce post-tender analysis, whilst giving the suppliers a platform to showcase not only their best price but their service offering.”

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