I must confess that these past few days have been the most challenging I have experienced during my 30+ years in the hospitality business.

Now more than ever it’s imperative that we stay positive and focused. I’d like to share a few ways the triSaaS team is staying engaged and working together as they work from home. These may provide you with some creative ideas and fresh approaches to how your team will navigate through this most extraordinary time.

Coffee Chat on the 9: Team members meet virtually via Skype (it’s a free video service) at 9am sharp to discuss their daily plan, roadblocks and successes. It’s a great way to keep everyone engaged, focused and energised. It’s amazing to see all the different beverages too (did you know coffee and tonic is a thing?)

Workplace from Facebook: It’s like Facebook but only for business! Workplace is a collaboration tool that let’s you chat 1 – 1 or in groups. Team members can post questions, notifications and news and colleagues can respond in real-time. This is a fun app that makes work a bit more personal. And some of the gifs my team posts are absolutely hilarious!

Dropbox: This app is a no brainer and most likely you’re already using it. No one needs to worry about not having access to important files, and members can share documents at the click of a button. It’s great for version control too.

triBoards: Our online task management tool that allows the triSaaS team to effectively monitor and manage projects, schedules and tasks in real-time. It’s simple to use and keeps everyone informed on the status of all activities.

Virtual Friday Happy Hour: Let’s face it – it’s been a long week, and the next few weeks will be no exception. But that doesn’t mean your team can’t come together on a Friday afternoon and spend a wee bit of down time talking about the good, the bad and the ugly over an adult beverage of their choice.

What are some ways you’re keeping your staff motivated and well connected?

I can’t stress enough how resilient our industry is. We’ve weathered many storms in the past and we’re going to get through this one too. And once the dust settles, I look forward to catching up to learn more about your experience and the new opportunities that await for us.

Stay safe

William Gorol, Founder/Managing Director, triSaaS