What is Request Management?

Request Management is the systematic handling of the tasks required for a variety of different internal or external requests using workflow automation, business rules, and analytics.

What are the issues around Request Management?

Problems managing requests are manifested in many ways throughout your organization:

    • Incoming requests are inconsistent and inaccurate which lead to mistakes.
    • You don’t know who is responsible for what.
    • You waste time searching for information resulting in slow turnaround times.
    • You don’t know the status of requests.
    • There is a lack of transparency and accountability.
    • You use multiple tools that make it difficult to track and report on performance.

All of these issues add up to a poor customer or employee experience that can damage the reputation and growth of your business.

Managing requests across the enterprise with Logit

Effective request management provides all the departments within an organization with one seamless software solution to accept, keep track of, respond to and close a variety of requests from customers, employees and external vendors.


IT departments play a central role in business operations. Speed, accuracy and process visibility are critical in effectively managing the broad range of requests your IT team receives.

        • Password Rest
        • Software support
        • Hardware issues
        • Help Desk

Logit’s Request Management software helps IT reduce response time, track requests from start to close and centralise information for easy access by all team members.

Sales & Marketing

Sales and marketing teams respond to many requests from various stakeholders throughout the organisation including executives, clients and vendors.

        • Content Creation
        • Events
        • Design
        • Advertising

If the process for handling a high volume of requests isn’t efficient, the time taken to resolve each one will impact your relationships with customers and your sales funnel. Logit automates existing workflows, ensuring each request is taken care in the most expedient manner.


Responsible planning and budgeting is not possible without access to accurate and reliable data. You rely on the finance team to keep budgets and numbers up to date.

        • Expenses
        • Purchase Orders
        • Payment approval
        • Petty cash

Request Management software by Logit eliminates time-consuming or redundant tasks, allowing finance teams to focus on growing the business.


Scheduling and performing maintenance requests require coordination, guidance and effective communication.  To meet the demands of staff and customers, your maintenance team must be empowered to quickly respond at a moment’s notice.

        • Service
        • Repairs/Replacements
        • Ad-hoc inspections
        • Guest issues

An easy-to-use guest and staff interactive solution enables your maintenance team to be more responsive. Once submitted, maintenance requests can instantly be actioned, delegated and tracked.

Human Resource

Employees are your most valuable assets. Maintaining high levels of engagement and morale helps HR teams attract and retain the most talented employees.

        • Onboarding
        • Offboarding
        • Evaluations
        • Holidays

Logit’s digit request management solution can bring accountability and speed to HR processes, which in turn helps to improve the overall employee experience.

The easiest, most effective way to manage requests

Our easy-to-use digital solution allows you to eliminate the chaos associated with manual request workflows. With enhanced visibility and control over request statuses, you can focus on the operations instead of tracking down missing or incomplete information. Your teams will avoid confusion, improve response rates and reduce backlogs.


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